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Blow Moulding Jars

  1. 500 ML to 25 LTR capacity.

  2. Optimum raw material sourced from reliable vendors.

  3. Available in multiple designs, colours, shapes, and sizes as per your needs.

  4. Perfect choice for Edibles, Dairy, Poultry, Chemicals, Aqua Cultures, Lubricants.


Caps and Closures

  1. Injection moulding technology for caps, closures, handles, and pails.

  2. Available in multiple designs, colours, shapes & sizes.

  3. Applications in the edible oil, dairy, pharmaceuticals, chemical & FMCG sectors.


Tin Container

  1. 15-kg & 15-litre capacity.

  2. Superior quality raw material used to produce tins in an eco- friendly manner.

  3. Recyclable and offer maximum optimum protection.

  4. The right choice for edible oils and dairy.


Premium Spouts

  1. The 3-pcs crimp-on closure fitting is suitable for tin plate container with a 42mm DIN piercing.

  2. The base part is designed with an universal insertion edge and the integrated pull-up spout is equipped with a tear-off seal granting a secure tamper evidence function. 

  3. The screw cap is featured with a bore seal to secure a save sealing after the first opening and a handle to pull-up the spout.

  4. The metal ring to crimp-on the closure is available in 3,2 mm and 4,2 mm height.

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